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         About Us

Our Family: We are the Kennedy’s, a fun family of four who enjoys spending time outdoors exploring God’s amazing creation! When not hosting guests or traveling with friends to a Kennedy Kabin, Bree works at a college serving students with disabilities and Joe serves the community as a firefighter. Our daughters, Ila (8) and Indie (4) are our inspiration as we continue to develop spaces that prioritize the creation of core memories and quality time with family! We intentionally chose the locations of our properties with our family and yours in mind. Big Bear, California is an easily drivable location from Southern California (hello parents with kids) where you can enjoy 4 beautiful seasons and recreational activities in a mountain/lake community! Three Rivers, California is the gateway to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks and Bree’s hometown. Bree desires to share a piece of her home and the beauty of the Sequoias, Lake Kaweah and the River with our girls and YOU!

Our Mission:  Kennedy Kabins Family Vacation Rentals embodies the essence of family togetherness and exploration, offering tailored short-term vacation rentals designed for unforgettable family adventures where families and friends can create core memories, explore nature, deepen connections, seek joy, and live life to the full! (John 10:10b)

Our Values:

  • Create Core Memories: Life’s moments are like pages in a magic storybook. At Kennedy Kabins, we’re all about crafting unforgettable memories that stay with you and your family forever. Our spaces are the stage for your adventures, where laughter, conversations and unforgettable experiences will make your hearts dance! 

  • Explore Nature: Nature is our playground, and we’re inviting you to join the adventure! Each location we’ve handpicked is your passport to reconnecting with the outdoors, discovering the wonders of creation, and having your minds blown by the world around you! 

  • Deepen Connections: In a world that’s constantly on the move, we provide the perfect pause button. Slow down, unwind, and forge deeper bonds with your loved ones. Our spaces are carefully designed to spark shared experiences, meaningful conversations, and the strengthening of connections that truly matter. 

  • Seek Joy: Joy is our guiding star and our middle name (literally is our daughter’s middle name). We believe it’s the little things that make life magical – from game nights that light up your evenings to heartwarming shared meals. Kennedy Kabins is your canvas for experiencing the pure, unadulterated joy of togetherness. 

  • Live Life to the Full (John 10:10b): Inspired by the promise from this verse, which reminds us of the abundant life Jesus offers, we’re all about living it up! We encourage our guests to embark on new adventures, seize new experiences, and soak up the richness of every moment.  


Our Guest Promise: 

We’re not your average host – we’re your memory-making comrades! Our Guest Promise is like our secret handshake (you know… the one in the Parent Trap) to guarantee that you’re not simply snagging a spot to snooze, but that you’re embarking on an adventure of comfort, connection, joy, treasured moments, and a whole lot of fun!